By Harriette Frank

Tour group photo

Photo Credits: Mark Heimann

From childhood, I have always loved animals and Africa, but I never imagined that I would ever visit through anything but many books and documentaries. Fortunately, my children always loved travel and wildlife as much as I did. My very first safari was with my daughter Lara, in fact; after she finished college, I took her to the Serengeti to see the "Dream Africa" we had always longed for. Within three years, I had gone on safaris with my sons, Lawrence, Miles, and John too.

Now, I've been to Africa 15 times, and every time, I have fallen more in love with it. So has my family—my daughter-in-law has even taken her MBA students to help develop small businesses in Cape Town! Our most recent trip, we got to see the seeds of that legacy, as well as continue our own. In December, my children and grandchildren and I all returned to where Lara and I visited that first time, 27 years ago. We went down to the Tarangire River and spread some of my late husband's ashes.

The legacy of African conservation is best ensured by understanding that it is just that: a legacy. I appreciate that AWF works with governments to help them see that wildlife can contribute to their economies as much as agriculture can, and to invest in local communities with that understanding in mind. I am proud and grateful to be supporting that legacy, both to get to leave AWF a percentage of my estate and to get to share this knowledge and passion with my family.

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