Learning how to make baskets in Africa

Learning from master basket maker, Rebecca, in the Okavango Delta.

Kate Johnson's interest in Africa developed in the 1990s. While at first Africa had seemed too big, and travel too difficult to arrange, when a forest-ranger friend from Ireland planned a "crazily inexpensive" tour for a small group, she decided to take the plunge.

Following her first two trips with a friend, Kate's husband, Scott, decided it was finally time to see Africa and discover his wife's passion for the continent firsthand. He joined her on her third trip and it changed his life.

While the wildlife viewing was spectacular, it was the people that made the biggest impression. "It really is true that you go to Africa for the animals, but remember the people," she says. "Once you've met them, it's very hard to stay away. The dust of Africa never leaves your shoes."

Kathryn Johnson

Kate Johnson

Kate has been a member of the African Wildlife Foundation for 30 years, and she and Scott have made AWF a beneficiary of their wills. She is impressed with AWF's emphasis on being an African voice for conservation and providing Africans with the education, empowerment and tools needed to do the job.

When asked why she has included a gift for AWF in her estate, Kate replies thoughtfully, "It seems critical that the beauty of the natural world be preserved for future generations. Our family and friends are all aware of and applaud our plans. They too are thinking about which organizations made them who they are today and are planning to give back."

Declare your commitment to Africa's wildlife and wild lands by joining AWF's Kilimanjaro Society. Simply name AWF as a beneficiary of your will, trust, IRA or life insurance, and future generations of Africa's most beloved and irreplaceable species will become your living legacy! If we can provide any assistance during your planning process, please contact Jon Apfelbaum (Eastern USA) at 202 939 3317 or legacygifts@awf.org.

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