By Queenelle Minet

Queenelle Minet

Queenelle Minet's gift provides her with peace of mind, while also supporting AWF's important work.

Thinking back, I really can't point to anything in my past that prompted me to love Africa and its animals; I just do. Doesn't everyone? They are unique and beautiful, and Africa is one of the only places in the world where great expanses of land are used exclusively for wildlife to roam free.

In February 2020, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and went on safari in Tanzania. I got home in March just as the pandemic was closing in and making travel feel unsafe. Seeing the animals in their natural habitat was truly thrilling. I came home with so many memories, plus a ton of animal photos.

I am 76, and my partner, Rob, is 70. We live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Recently, we decided to create a charitable gift annuity with AWF. This means that we made a gift to AWF, and, in return, AWF provides us with secure, fixed income for life. They will deposit a check into our bank account every month until Rob and I have both passed away, no matter when that is. And in addition, we received a sizable income tax deduction, which we can use now or in the future, depending on when we need it most.

So, by giving this gift to AWF, we are rewarded with a comforting sense of financial peace of mind. But perhaps even more important, it also gives us the feeling that we are making a difference regarding something we both believe is truly important.

If you are reading this, you probably already care deeply about the unique and magnificent animals that roam the African continent. And, like Rob and me, you'd probably like to believe that they will always be there. Well, believe me, it feels very good to give to an organization that is so smart and effective in the work they do. Despite the serious threats these animals face, the existence of AWF gives me hope that we might actually succeed in saving them.

You can join Queenelle and Rob

There are many ways you can join Queenelle and Rob and support AWF's work protecting Africa's animals. Contact Jon Apfelbaum (Eastern USA) at 202 939 3317 or to create your legacy for Africa.

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