Rick Gallagher

Rick Gallagher pictured in Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

I have always been fascinated with nature. It led me to get my degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Natural Resource Management. As a High School Ecology teacher, I tried to impart my love of nature to my students, and I ultimately spent the rest of my career in Environmental Compliance.

Travel to the world’s wild places has been an important part of my life, and visiting the natural wonders of Africa has been, and continues to be, the thrill of a lifetime. When you go to Africa, the experience of witnessing the wildlife and the people of the continent lives on within you forever. Doing what we can to preserve what makes Africa so special is what led me to the African Wildlife Foundation.

In my opinion, the AWF has perfected the mission of saving nature. It is an organization that not only protects the wildlife and wild lands, it does it in a manner that recognizes the critical role the local human population plays in the success of the mission. If your strategy doesn’t benefit the people who share the land with the wildlife, it is doomed to fail.

To see what that means, all you need to do is read Travel Africa magazine. The people of Africa are interwoven into everything AWF does, and their inclusion in the strategy is what makes it a success. Travel Africa is replete with stories illustrating how AWF’s mission includes not only benefits to wildlife, but to the people as well. And that is why AWF will always have my support.

Rick Gallagher
AWF Member

You can join Rick in establishing your legacy at AWF. Contact Jon Apfelbaum (Eastern USA) at 202 939 3317 or legacygifts@awf.org to learn more.

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