Tracy RothsteinA resident of Asheville, North Carolina, Tracy Rothstein has enthusiastically adopted and cared for dogs from local shelters for several years. While doing what she can to help animals locally, Tracy also feels very strongly that it is critical to support wildlife conservation on a global scale.

“I am very concerned and disturbed by the profound negative impact that the human race is imposing on the balance of nature and the health of the environment,” she shares.

Inspired by two of her favorite AWF programs—protecting forest elephants in the Dja region of Cameroon and increasing habitat for Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda—Tracy included a gift to AWF within her will. She also established a Charitable Gift Annuity. The annuity will provide dependable payments to her for the rest of her life, then support AWF’s important work.

Tracy’s devotion to protecting the planet and all forms of life is borne from her personal commitment as a humanitarian. She believes we must rebalance nature and our environment, healing it from the negative impacts of humans.

“I feel great urgency in correcting all we can before we cross too far over the line of causing such profound alteration of the natural order of things that we destroy the planet and wildlife inhabitants,” she says.

She continues, “If AWF has the infrastructure, the organization, and the mindset to make any progress, then we should be doing all we can to support this work.”

Tracy knows that, in addition to including AWF in her future plans, it is vital to support the work right now.

“I trust the work AWF does and hope to continue to support the organization’s priorities,” she says.

We are grateful to Tracy for her passionate commitment to Africa’s wildlife. If you feel compelled to include AWF within your estate plans, contact our legacy giving department at +1 888 494 5354 or for assistance. We would be delighted to speak with you.

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