Valerie Watt

Valerie Watt lives modestly so that she can put more toward supporting AWF in the future.

After 25 years as a Park Ranger, I hoped to volunteer in Kenya, perhaps become a biologist, honoring my childhood dream of being another Jane Goodall. Then I looked at what my heroes are doing today and realized that African conservation organizations don’t need another first-world retiree stepping in; they need support for their programs. The best thing I can give is my resources.

As a Ranger, I taught visitors that 20% of the population uses 80% of the world’s resources. Our lifestyles have consequences. In order to live with myself, I do things a little differently. I live in a mobile home community to limit my expenses and my environmental footprint. I avoid air travel—in fact, I haven’t visited Africa yet because I’m trying to find a greener way to get there than flying. And while I will pass on to my sister and her children my inheritance from selling the family home, all the money I earn will go to conservation. The more modestly I live, the more I can put in my trust.

I have faith in how AWF’s model—focusing on every part of the picture—will survive. I am proud that that will be my legacy.

To join Valerie in leaving a legacy for Africa’s wildlife and wild places, contact Jon Apfelbaum (Eastern USA) at 202 939 3317 or We can do so much more with you by our side.

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